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How Does BRYT Work?

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    Sign Up

    Download the Bryt App from the Apple Store and Google Play Store and follow the simple steps to get started.

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    Choose the subject that you need help with and we will pair you with an online tutor.

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    Get 1 on 1 lessons straight from our interactive platform with video, whiteboard, and screen-sharing capabilities.

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    When the lesson is complete you rate the tutor and the tutor rates you to maintain the quality of our platform.

Why Choose BRYT?

24/7 Tutor Support

You can request a tutor for on-demand sessions anytime.

The Best Tutors

We have hand picked the best available tutors through our rigorous selection process to help you with your academic goals.

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Learn Anywhere

Once you download the app, no matter where you are, our tutors are just a tap away.

All The Resources You Need

Our learning space includes video/audio chat, an interactive virtual whiteboard, screen sharing and so much more.