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Your journey to chess mastery starts here.

Ever wanted to learn chess from zero, or improve what you already know about the game? These are the lessons for you!

learning outcomes

What you will learn

Piece names. Movements.

Learn the pieces involved in the game - who they are, what they can and cannot do, most importantly how they move.

Chess strategies & tactics.

Learn the mechanics of essential chess strategies and tactics used by season chess players.

Stages of the game.

Chess is a sophisticated game with stages. In this course you'll learn how to play the three stages of the game.


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How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered as live one-on-one online lessons from this July 2022
on our web application. Registrations are open and start dates will be communicated soon.

You will need two accounts - a BRYT Account that will allow you to setup your session(s) with the Chess Instructor and a Lichess Account to participate in the chess simulation. Expect a follow up email with instructions to your email upon registration.

How do I join a class?

To join a class, first create your BRYT Account using the "Sign Up Now or Create Your Account Now" button.

Once logged in, proceed to the Make a Booking tab, from there you will need to follow the process of booking a lesson - ensure you select the subject, date, time and the tutor called Coach Pichess. Repeat the process if you registered for more than one course.

When will the course be delivered?

Classes go live around mid-July 2022. All classes will be delivered anytime between 8AM - 9PM any day except for Sunday. As the student feel free to set dates and times that work best for you and the Instructor will see your request(s) from the backend.

Can I join with others?

Only parents/guardians and siblings can join along on the lesson.

How long is a single lesson?

Each lesson is one hour long.

How is the lesson structured?

The lesson starts with a recap from the previous lesson then proceeds to the introduction of a new concept for the end. All exercises are done during the live lessons and there won't be any homework.

Go ahead, start learning with BRYT today.