We believe
technology driven
learning will
transform Africa.


Our vision is to
be Africa’s largest
marketplace for
knowledge sharing.

A commitment towards
knowledge sharing.

We are committed to create an effective knowledge sharing platform for learners of all ages and categories.

Preparing learners for exams

Highly qualified tutors on our
BRYT Tutoring App are carefully
vetted to assist learners in
preparation of their exams.

Re-skilling learners for the workforce

Our BRYT Virtual Academy offers in-demand, live courses that train learners with adaptable & employable skills like digital marketing,
coding and more.

Providing group courses of various subjects for enterprises

We connect vetted tutors and trainers to
international learners in all of our African markets.

Offering qualified trainers and tutors income opportunities

We build customized and affordable
training curriculums of various
expertises for enterprises'
clients or employees.

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