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Get access
to quality school tutors today!

The BRYT Web App is there to assist students find and do one-on-one and group lessons with qualified tutors online for students in Zimbabwe.

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BRYT is rethinking the way students get extra academic help and develop new passions. A remote and digital first approach.

Be a part of our journey.

How the
App works

It’s so easy to get started and used to the BRYT Tutoring Web App. Sign up for free in seconds,
enter your booking request, pay using local payment methods and enjoy your lesson when it starts.


Registration is free, all you need is a working email address and access to internet.


Input lesson details from education level, subject, topic,
date and time. Once done, select a tutor from search
results and make your payment.


Upon successful booking you can initiate the call from your calendar events or bookings list tab.


The learning environment incorporates live video, audio, chat, screen sharing, virtual whiteboard and a variety of data input tools on the left panel.

Benefits of BRYT

The BRYT Tutoring Web App fits perfectly into your life as a Zimbabwean student. It’s designed to mirror the best parts of learning in person by replicating that experience in an online environment.

Syllabus coverage

The BRYT Tutoring Web App currently offers all primary school subjects, and 18 Ordinary & Advanced Level subjects.

Plenty vetted teachers

We have more than one tutor per subject allowing you to find and work with a tutor that best delivers to your expectations.

Live video learning

Learn via live video to get a similar personalized experience just like in class.

Useful data input tools

Make use of native screen sharing, text input, virtual whiteboard,  drawing tools to illustrate your point.

Go ahead, book your
first one-on-one tutoring
lesson today.